Litterlocker Refills

Litter Cleaning Made Easy

Lock in odours and breathe again.

Refill bags are hygenic and easy to use. Just put the new refill into your LitterLocker cat litter bin system and say goodbye to odours.

Thanks to multi-layer bags with Air-Seal odour barrier, LitterLocker simplifies cat litter maintenance. The bad odours are locked in the LitterLocker system. No more odours of soiled litter.

LitterLocker Refills

  • Air-Seal technology – Multi-layer odourless barrier film
  • Locks in odours and bacteria
  • Each refill can last up to 2 months for 1 cat
  • Hygienic and easy to replace

Dimensions: D 17.78 x H 5.08 cm (3 PACK: H 15.24 cm)

Weight: 0.109 kg (3 PACK 0.327 kg)


  • Single Refill
  • 3 PACK Refill

Innovative Features.

Includes a refill, a scoop and a scoop holder.

Round refill with AirSeal technology
Locks in odours and bacteria
Can last up to 2 months for 1 cat

Air-Seal Technology Included.

Air-Seal traps the smell inside! With multi-layer resistant bags, equipped with an odour barrier, thus making the system hermetic. No more odours of soiled litter! Breathe again with Air-Seal System!

Goodbye Odours!

It’s a real barrier against odours and bacteria that improves your quality of life. LitterLocker refills are easy and quick to change.

Open the upper part by pulling the tab.
Pull out the plastic bag.
Insert the bag in the middle and tie a knot.
Pull the handle. Put the bag in the center and pull it to the bottom of the trash.


  Why Use LitterLocker Refills

As cat owners, you know how much they can bring us happiness. But when the time comes to clean the litter, happiness is a little less in the game.

LitterLocker refills have a 5-layer barrier that locks-in odours for good. They provide the ultimate odours and bacteria control. No more stinky odours in the house. Scoop it! Drop it! Seal it!

  Cat litter disposal bag refills

Once the smell of soiled litter is trapped, you can breathe again. Our cat litter disposal bags are made of a multi-layer bag with an anti-odour barrier, which uses AIR-SEAL technology, making the system airtight. Compatible with LitterLocker II, LitterLocker Design and LitterLocker Design Plus cat litter disposal systems

  How long does a refill last?

One refill lasts approximately two months with one cat. Results may vary.

  Does the bag really lock in odours?

The bag really locks in odours thanks to the five-layer film. The handle closing system also ensures that the bag remains airtight once it is filled with soiled litter.

  Can I use the LitterLocker II refills in the new LitterLocker and LitterLocker Design systems?

The LitterLocker II refills can be used with the three models of LitterLocker pails.

  Are the LitterLocker refills biodegradable?

The LitterLocker bags are not biodegradable yet. The main advantage of our bags is their ability to lock in odours. This feature is not yet available with biodegradable bags.

  Is the LitterLocker refill made from recycled plastic? Is its packaging recyclable?

The packaging of the refill is made of 35% recycled plastic. It is also possible to recycle the cartridge on which it is written code 5, which indicates it can be deposited in the recycle bin after use.

  What are the characteristics of the LitterLocker refill?

A refill bag equals about 60 grocery bags. The refill is easy to replace and can last up to two months for one cat. Results may vary. Other types of bags cannot trap bacteria and odours, making them less hygienic. The plastic film of the refill has not only five layers, but is unique on the market because it is designed with the Air-Seal technology. All the features of this product provide a quality refill, which the normal bag cannot possess.

  Which type of cat litter can be used with the LitterLocker disposal system?

The LitterLocker system has been designed to be used with all kinds of litter.

Why do cats often urinate on one side of the litterbox and defecate on the other side?

In nature, cats urinate and defecate in different places.