Litterlocker Cat Accessories

Thanks to LitterLocker cat accessories, cleaning your favourite pet’s litter box is so much easier. We design cat accessories so cat lovers can care for their pet without the fuss and the bad smells associated with litterbox cleaning.

LitterLocker Pails

Cat litter disposal system

LitterLocker Cat litter disposal systems make litter cleaning much easier and more pleasant. The bins effectively lock in odours and bacteria and are easy to empty. They are a practical and hygienic solution to unpleasant litter odour. Pickup, seal, throw away, nothing could be easier!


Refills for disposal system

Once the smell of soiled litter is trapped, you can breathe again. The refills are made of a multi-layer bag with an anti-odour barrier, which uses AIR-SEAL technology, making the system airtight. Compatible with LitterLocker disposal system.

Cat litter box

Using our open cat litter box, which is adapted to the size of an average adult cat, your cat will feel safe without being bothered by odours. The open dome allows for a 360-degree view, and the sides are high enough to prevent any damage your cat might cause.

Fabric Sleeves

LitterLocker litter bin fabric sleeves make it easy for you to coordinate Litterlocker pail with your decor. Easy to clean and interchangeable, they are available in three models that add a special touch to suit your decor.

Litter Mat

The litter mat prevents the spread of litter particles near the tray. With the LitterLocker litter mat, cleaning is even easier! Designed for easy cat litter maintenance it has convenient handles and folds easily. No more litter everywhere and under your feet! A must for the comfort of your favourite pet