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Payments, Shipping & Delivery

  Shipping Policy?

All orders are shipped from our warehouse in Melbourne, with either AUS POST or TOLL.

  • If you are ordering a Litter Box or Litter Box Hood and your cart total is less than $65 there will be a flat fee of $25 for shipping.
  • If you order a single refill, there will be a flat fee of $6, unless it’s to WA, NT or Tasmania.
  • If you are ordering to Tasmania, there will be a flat fee of $10.
  • If you are ordering to WA or NT – there will be a flat fee of $25.

We appreciate your understanding. All other orders receive free shipping 🙂

  Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we can ship internationally. Please keep in mind that international shipping rates will apply. To contact us about international shipping, click here.

  How long does delivery take?

Delivery time-frames are within 3-10 working days depending on your location.


You can submit an order for products by completing the details required in your shopping cart and by fully completing the order and payment process.  All prices are reflected in AUD Dollars and include GST where applicable. Goods supplied are new, unless otherwise specified and are not for resale.


We do not collect customer information. Once you’ve finished adding items to the shopping basket, you’ll be taken through to either PayPal where your payment will be processed securely, or your payment will be processed securely through Stripe. To view how PayPal uses your information, click here. To view the Stripe Services Agreement, click here.

  Missing/wrong product

After delivery please check your parcel immediately. If you are missing a product, please contact our Customer Service within 48 hours of delivery. All parcels are checked for weight irregularities. Certain items will only be replaced as missing at our sole discretion.

  What is the return policy?

We accept returns for products that have not been used. There is a 15% restocking fee. Once the item has been returned to us and inspected, a refund will be processed. Please contact our support for assistance.

LitterLocker System

  Cat litter disposal systems

LitterLocker cat litter disposal system make litter cleaning much easier and more pleasant. The bins effectively lock in odours and bacteria and are easy to empty. They are a practical and hygienic solution to unpleasant litter odour; nothing could be easier!

  Why is the use of a cat litter disposal system important?

Aside from litter box odour problems related to cat hygiene, there are several other problems that can be caused by your cat’s waste. A cat’s urine contains hormones and pheromones that can be harmful to your health in the long term. The bacteria in your cat’s feces may also contain infectious agents, such as the parasite responsible for toxoplasmosis. It is therefore recommended to use a leak-proof cat litter disposal system that effectively traps odours and bacteria.

  How often do I need to empty the LitterLocker bin?

The bin can hold up to 2 weeks worth of soiled litter for 1 cat although Results may vary. Important note: the refill will last approximately 2 months

LitterLocker Refill

  Why Use LitterLocker Refills

As cat owners, you know how much they can bring us happiness. But when the time comes to clean the litter, happiness is a little less in the game.

LitterLocker refills have a 5-layer barrier that locks-in odours for good. They provide the ultimate odours and bacteria control. No more stinky odours in the house. Scoop it! Drop it! Seal it!

  Cat litter disposal bag refills

Once the smell of soiled litter is trapped, you can breathe again. Our cat litter disposal bags are made of a multi-layer bag with an anti-odour barrier, which uses AIR-SEAL technology, making the system airtight. Compatible with LitterLocker II, LitterLocker Design and LitterLocker Design Plus cat litter disposal systems

  How long does a refill last?

One refill lasts approximately two months with one cat. Results may vary.

  Does the bag really lock in odours?

The bag really locks in odours thanks to the five-layer film. The handle closing system also ensures that the bag remains airtight once it is filled with soiled litter.

  Can I use the LitterLocker II refills in the new LitterLocker and LitterLocker Design systems?

The LitterLocker II refills can be used with the three models of LitterLocker pails.

  Are the LitterLocker refills biodegradable?

The LitterLocker bags are not biodegradable yet. The main advantage of our bags is their ability to lock in odours. This feature is not yet available with biodegradable bags.

  Is the LitterLocker refill made from recycled plastic? Is its packaging recyclable?

The packaging of the refill is made of 35% recycled plastic. It is also possible to recycle the cartridge on which it is written code 5, which indicates it can be deposited in the recycle bin after use.

  What are the characteristics of the LitterLocker refill?

A refill bag equals about 60 grocery bags. The refill is easy to replace and can last up to two months for one cat. Results may vary. Other types of bags cannot trap bacteria and odours, making them less hygienic. The plastic film of the refill has not only five layers, but is unique on the market because it is designed with the Air-Seal technology. All the features of this product provide a quality refill, which the normal bag cannot possess.

  Which type of cat litter can be used with the LitterLocker disposal system?

The LitterLocker system has been designed to be used with all kinds of litter.


  Cat litter box

Using our open cat litter box, which is adapted to the size of an average adult cat, your cat will feel safe without being bothered by odours. The open dome allows for a 360-degree view, and the sides are high enough to prevent any damage your cat might cause.

The level indicator lets you always add the right amount of litter for your cat, and the soft material allows you to install it into small spaces.

  How many litter boxes should be available in a house with two cats?

It is simple to calculate: Number of litter boxes = Number of cats + 1. It is important that they are in different rooms, since you will prevent all the litter boxes from being in one “territory”, which may be protected by one cat, obliging the other cats to find another place to do their business.

  Why some cats scratch the walls of the litter box?

Because that’s how they learned to do it from their mother. Burying its feces is instinctual in cats, but the way of doing it is learned. Many kittens never see their mother bury her feces, since the mother must use a litter box with a lid or where she is hidden. It is possible that, since the kittens did not see their mother scratching, they did not learn how to do it properly.

Customer Service

  The LitterLocker advantage

The LitterLocker team is as passionate as you are about our little fur animals. We develop our products according to the highest market standards so as to always offer the highest quality of products possible. For LitterLocker, the biggest reward is knowing that you take full advantage of daily happiness with your cat. We want to minimize the disadvantages that can be connected to it.

Our mission is to make life easier for cats and their owners, and we use this premise to innovate in the design of our products. We have developed a completely airtight cat litter disposal system, thus trapping all harmful odours and bacteria.
Our cat litter disposal bags will allow you to appreciate the presence of your cat without the odours that often persist due to maintenance.

Finally, our cat litter mat allows your cat to wipe its paws and keep it clean, which it greatly appreciates.

Thanks to the full range of LitterLocker, odours are trapped and both owners and cats are delighted.

  How do LitterLocker’s products differ from those of its competitors?

We’ve looked at our competitors. We’re up to date with the best products on the market. If you’re one of the 3.9 million cat owners in Australia, you’re probably also up to speed and know what you’re looking for.

The technology is too advanced to use a kitchen bin to get rid of your cat’s waste. Not only is this unsanitary, but it is also unpleasant due to the odours. Much more effective methods exist on the market, such as odour-tight traps.

Most of the more sophisticated products use a cat litter disposal system with a cover (and sometimes a hatch) that can trap odours. This hatch is often more of a second cover than a true odour barrier. This design locks out most odours, but there are still a few that can escape. LitterLocker’s cat litter disposal system uses Air Seal technology, making the system completely airtight. No smell escapes.

As for refill cartridges that trap odours, their main quality is often based solely on their length. LitterLocker’s cat litter bag design refills have several thicknesses, making it possible to hermetically trap all the odours and bacteria. Each refill can last up to two months for a single cat. And last but not least, the cat litter disposal system is easy to use and to empty.

  Our Cat Products

LitterLocker cat products are designed to make it easy for cat lovers to properly care for their favorite pet’s litter box. Introducing our cat products, which make litter cleaning a breeze while reducing odours from your cat’s litter box.

  The Benefits of Choosing LitterLocker

LitterLocker is an enthusiastic team of people who have joined forces to make life easier for cat owners, by creating quality products that meet their daily needs. Since 2002, the team has been perfected its products by relying on the latest technological advances in order to offer consumers intelligent solutions adapted to their lifestyles. LitterLocker is unlike anything else on the market, with an all-in-one system that makes it possible to eliminate soiled litter in a simple and effective way.

For the LitterLocker team, the greatest reward is knowing that our efforts help customers, large and small, to live happily under one roof.

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