Litter Mat By Litterlocker

Litter Cleaning Made Easy

Litter Cleaning Just Got Easier!

Designed to facilitate cat litter maintenance and to reduce the spread of litter beans near the box, the LitterLocker® Cat Litter Mat is essential to the comfort of your favorite pet.

The Cat Litter Mat pairs up perfectly with the LitterBox by LitterLocker®.

Cat Litter Mat

  • Integrated and practical handles for an easier cleaning and disposal of litter beans
  • Ribbed surface that holds litter beans
  • Easy to empty, by simply folding the mat
  • Easy to clean with water and soap
  • Soft & Lightweight Material
  • Unique material, made of EVA foam, for your cat comfort

Dimensions: L 54.61 cm x W 30.26 cm x H 1.52 cm

Weight: 275 g


Practical Features.

Practical integrated handles
Ribbed surface
Easy to empty
Easy to clean
Soft & lightweight material
Comfortable for your cat

Cats Approved

Designed for you and your cat’s comfort.

Designed For Cats And Cat Owners.

Your cat will love LitterLocker LitterBox as much as you do. Your love story will continue thanks to the design as convenient for you as it is for him.

Integrated and practical handles

For an easy cleaning and disposal of litter beans.

Ribbed surface that holds litter beans

Facilitates litter removal from cat paws and litter beans to flow down evenly for disposal.

Soft & Lightweight Material

The complete design of the LitterBox has been researched and designed for ease of use and maintenance. Easy to clean for a satisfied cat owner!

Did you know that many cats do not like covered boxes?

Because they are in a vulnerable position when they go to the washroom. Cats must be able to check their environment and see any potential dangers.