Litterlocker Fabric Sleeve

Fabric Sleeves

a sleeve, a complement to your decor!

Enhance the look of your LitterLocker Design cat litter bin with a fabric sleeve that perfectly matches your decor.

With our 3 interchangeable sleeves sold separately, your LitterLocker cat litter bin becomes a stylish decorative accessory. With the odour on the inside and the attractive design on the outside, it’s the best of both worlds!

LitterLocker Fabric Sleeves

  • Designer approved
  • Quick & Easy
  • Machine Wash

Dimensions: L 15.50 x W 2.50 x H 20.50 cm

Weight: 0.86 kg


  • Cats
  • Paper cats
  • Cat paws

why do some cats immediately go to the litter box after you have cleaned it?

The cat identifies where it goes to the washroom with felinine found in its urine, giving it its famous unpleasant odour. When you empty the litterbox, the cat wants to ensure that his odour is still there. Many cats will also refuse to go to the washroom in a litterbox that has already been used, and will therefore take advantage of a freshly cleaned litterbox.

Cat did you know

Quick & Easy Installation.

Choose it!

This is probably the longest step.

Install it!

Unwrap the cover completely to the ends.

Enjoy it!

Admire the new style of your LitterLocker Design bin.

Trend Features.

timer icon
Quick to install

A few seconds are enough.

Washable sleeves

Machine wash in cold water.

Approved By Designers

Approved by desiogners

Be inspired. Design is all in the details. Choose from 3 stylish designs to complement your perfect pet’s environnement.

3 Inspiring Models.

We all have a favorite cat colour. For fabric covers, you are also spoiled for choice. Sold separately.


For a new look.

Paper cats

Because felines make us laugh.

Sleeve Style - paws
Cat paws

Harmonize with your LitterLocker litter box.