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Litterlocker Cat Litter Disposal System

Litter Cleaning Made Easy

LitterLocker Pails

To Simplify Cat Lovers’ Life.

LitterLocker, with its unique design, litter cleaning will never be a chore. Scoop it! Drop it! Seal it! Litter cleaning is so easy. Enjoy good times with your pet, LitterLocker takes care of your cat’s needs!


  • Uses round refill with Air-Seal technology
  • Locks in odours and bacteria
  • Each refill can last up to 2 months for 1 cat
  • Practical & Hygienic
  • Easy to use system
  • Easy to empty system

Dimensions: L 24.30 x W 23.70 x H 43.26 cm

Weight: 1.275 Kg


  • 1 LitterLocker Cat Litter Disposal System
  • 1 Refill
  • 1 Scoop
  • 1 Scoop holder


  Cat litter disposal systems

LitterLocker cat litter disposal system make litter cleaning much easier and more pleasant. The bins effectively lock in odours and bacteria and are easy to empty. They are a practical and hygienic solution to unpleasant litter odour; nothing could be easier!

  Why is the use of a cat litter disposal system important?

Aside from litter box odour problems related to cat hygiene, there are several other problems that can be caused by your cat’s waste. A cat’s urine contains hormones and pheromones that can be harmful to your health in the long term. The bacteria in your cat’s feces may also contain infectious agents, such as the parasite responsible for toxoplasmosis. It is therefore recommended to use a leak-proof cat litter disposal system that effectively traps odours and bacteria.

  How often do I need to empty the LitterLocker bin?

The bin can hold up to 2 weeks worth of soiled litter for 1 cat although Results may vary. Important note: the refill will last approximately 2 months

Why do some cats scratch the walls of the litterbox?

Kittens see their mother act this way, so they repeat this behavior. If the mother hides in a covered box, kittens do not learn to bury their stool correctly.

Cat did you know

As simple as a cat's life.

Only 3 easy steps. Sccoop the soiled litter. Drop it in the LitterLocker bin. Close the lid and seal the odours. The practical and designed bin is easy to use, no more daily trips to the outside bin. 

Instructions - Scoop it
Scoop it!
Instructions - drop it
Drop it!
Instructions - seal it
Seal it!

Air-Seal Technology Included.

Air seal
Air-Seal traps the smell inside! With multi-layer resistant bags, equipped with an odour barrier, thus making the system hermetic. No more odours of soiled litter! Breathe again with Air-Seal System!

Innovative Features.

Round icon
Uses the round refill with Air-Seal technology
Lock icon
Locks in odours and bacteria
Calendar icon
Each refill can last up to 2 months for 1 cat
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Practical and hygienic
Easy to use system
Easy to empty system